Eight Things You Can Do Right Now to Fight Trump’s Immigration Ban

I know that we are all shocked and have been playing keep up with the break neck pace of the news coming out of Washington this week. Many of us have been ringing our representatives off the hook, marching, protesting, and planning protests. On the facebook page, we have had some wonderful discussions about intersectionality and how to be effective white allies. We will be talking more about that on this blog and on the page, but for now, here are some concrete ways you can fight the Muslim Ban while you remain committed to all the other activism you are currently a part of.

  1. Give to the ACLU. They have been given a massive amount in donations this year, but they are going to need as much money as they can get as they are currently filing petitions and cases at a break neck pace to keep up with the un-vetted executive orders coming down from the White House.
  2. Call your Congressman (even if they are Republican) about passing legislation to overturn the ban. While court orders may eventually render this law making unnecessary. The action itself could rally both Democrats and Republicans together against the President and provide a united front. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced today that Democrats are planning to rally on the steps of the Supreme Court to call on Trump to rescind the order and introduce legislation. We need to call in support of both actions and really put pressure on Republicans to join them. Fissures are happening in the Republican party because of all the public pressure. We need to unite everyone against Trump.
  3. Urge your city to keep its sanctuary status if you live in Ann Arbor (Mayor’s office: (734) 794-6161 or Detroit (mayor’s office: (313) 224-3400. Urge your city mayor to become a sanctuary city if you don’t currently live in one. The Lansing mayor’s office number is: (517) 483-4141.
  4. Call Governor Snyder and thank him for his early condemnation of the Muslim Ban over a year before it took place. The pressure may keep him from doing anything to support it now. His number is(517) 373-3400
  5. Listen and join in any protests you can at an airport near you.  Detroit has already experienced a large protest at its airport as has Grand Rapids. More may be needed before this is through.
  6. Donate to a local refugee center. Here are a few good ones here in Michigan: The Refugee Development Center in Lansing and the Michigan Immigrant Center in Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo. (There are others.)
  7. Talk to people who seem to support the ban but are starting to have doubts seeing the backlash. It can seem like something that won’t be worth your time, but keep in mind, their news sources might not be the same as yours and they may honestly not understand why the ban not only won’t work to keep us safer, but may endanger us and hurt innocents. I spent time speaking to two Trump supporters today and I was shocked by how open they were in private messages and how much they really didn’t understand the details of the ban or how little basis it has in national security reality. (Note both of these people opened the lines of communication. I don’t think it would work if we open it.) It can seem like a waste of time, but being open to respectful engagements to those who ask you earnest questions may bring in new allies.
  8. Still feeling it’s not enough? Consider moving forward with this list of ideas from the Michigan Immigrant Center. This link also includes other immigration centers you can donate to.

Keep up all the advocacy you have been doing. Trump is trying to wow us with a flurry of activity. Let’s keep showing him that we can do the same.

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  1. The Lutheran social services have been settling the Syrian refugees who have arrived in Michigan recently. They have offices in Troy and are in need of volunteers and donations.

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