Morning Cup – Science!

Whether natural, formal, or social, today let’s give a cheer to science and the scientists who practice it. Especially those scientists who are right now taking a stand for facts, peer review, and transparency.
Good morning, FAM. It is Thursday, January 26. Yesterday the new administration announced the EPA would not only have to run its data and studies by its political staff, but it has to vet any “controversial” public events before holding them. This even as one rogue agency Twitter account started disseminating data on climate change and other science gathered steam (almost a million followers this morning), and nearly a dozen more followed suit.
Scientists don’t do politics, but they sure aren’t happy about politics trying to do science.
Let’s give them a hand, shall we?

There are no senate confirmation hearings today. The Michigan legislature meets today, then will be off until next week.

Breathe deeply. Remember to take that walk. Look at something that makes you smile. Smile at someone you don’t know.
Pour that morning cup. Another breath. And set your action plan for the day.
It’s good to see you here again. Forward!


Contact your senators and representative to let them know you are appalled at the White House administration’s move to silence science. Ask them what their response is to yesterday’s moves to control the presentation of research from the EPA. And ask what they will be doing to protect science and research from being muted or controlled.

Trump administration now mandating a political staff review of EPA studies and data before public release …
which is on top of the already announced new policy that the EPA must vet “controversial” public meetings before holding them

Scientists’ publication outlines things to look for with new administration

A piece in The Atlantic on women scientists protesting

There’s a scientists’ march on Washington in the making

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You might want to be aware of this proposed  MI bill  to make legislator’s jobs part time

Yes, the Dow Jones hit 20,000  ; the LA Times goes through the history of the average and what it means (Note it has been steadily climbing for years; while this is indeed a historic high, it closed at 19,804 one week ago, January 19 — one day before inauguration day.)

Try this entry from Echo Through to Fog blog on how to make a call to your representatives if you have anxiety.

Pick a poem from the Poetry Foundation’s selection of protest, resistance, and empowerment themes.

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