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Good morning. Welcome to Tuesday, 31 January.
Taking a moment to nod toward your mugs, say hello, taking a few deep breaths.
And then we’re going to look at the suddenly full Senate calendar this morning and the ongoing developments over the immigration executive order. We’re going to remember that deflection is a thing, even when it is negative and chaotic, and we’re going to hold on to the accountability and ethics piece. And yes, we’re going to contemplate that on top of the circus, there will be a Supreme Court nominee announced tonight.
< takes a sip >
So. Ready?
We need to burn up some phones today. If you are available, it would be a good day to show up at your representatives office with your concerns. Or at the state capitol. Even without an appointment. Because there was no advance notice that our President was going to fire the acting Attorney General for doing her job — her job as defined by Jeff Sessions, by the way.

Speaking of the state capitol, please note representative Jeremy Moss has brought forth a resolution to denounce anti-immigration policies. That would be a good thing to encourage your own state representative to support.

The big push of the morning: NO to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General (hearing at 9:30am). NO to Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education (hearing at 10:00am). Also terrible candidates: Perry, Mnuchin. Price is no prince, either. More in the Action section.

The big push of the afternoon: Immigration. Accountability.

This post will be updated today. We’re getting it up incomplete because most of you know the phone call drill at this point, and the DeVos and Sessions talking points have been well established. We’ll include the committee list so you can contact committee members attached to the confirmations.

Go forth and roar, FAM. This is the beginning of showing people that demanding accountability and representative government and adhering to democratic principles is not a flash in the pan. It is citizens, watching and acting, ready to keep it up for as long as needed.

*1* (national)
Call the members of the Judiciary committee regarding Jeff Sessions, the HELP committee regarding Betsy DeVos.

If you have time/are able/inclined, call also about Rick Perry, Steven Mnuchin, and Thomas Price.

**2** (state)
Call your representative and ask them to support Jeremy Moss’s resolution.

And maybe give Bill Schuette a call to let him know what you think about him supporting President Trump and the executive order on immigration.

< pending >

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Senate Committee contact spreadsheet

“You have to watch out; people will just be asking you to do things you need to say no about. Do you think the Attorney General has a responsibility to say ‘no’ to the President if he asks for something that is improper?” Jeff Sessions to Sally Yates in 2015.…/sally-yates-sacked-donald-tru…

Michigan Republicans are divided on the executive order.  Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette supports the executive order on immigration.

Remembering that we all have different voices and different ways to roar.

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