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Good morning! It’s Thursday, February 9th. The east coast is preparing for an abrupt shift in the weather we here in Michigan have already experienced.

In government news…our governor presented his budget yesterday, the vote for Thomas Price (HHS) goes to the senate floor this morning, the eruption over a DJT Nordstrom tweet (retweeted by POTUS45) still rings in our ears…and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has called President Trump’s comments on the judiciary “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”

The Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement for the DAPL.

And the Republicans keep handing mobilizing materials to the resistance. “Nonetheless she persisted” is the latest that has spread like wildfire. So incredibly apt. That is exactly what the next few years will reveal: persistence, despite the muck.

We. Will. Persist.

When it comes to actions, we’re going to take a prescriptive breath today. If YOU have actions you’ll be engaging in, please share them in the comments below.

As part of this breath taking, we’d also like to note that we see the Planned Parenthood counter-protests being planned for this Saturday, but wanted to share Planned Parenthood’s official position on protests/demonstrations. Some of you have been noting this in posts, but the gist of it is this: While grateful for support, “Any demonstrations, whether in support of or opposition to Planned Parenthood, are disruptive to daily operations and intimidating for our patients. Patients should always be able to access care at Planned Parenthood without ANY interference.”

They also note that centers will be closed on Saturday (the 11th), so patient access would not be impacted by any activity. And, “We do remind all demonstrators, whether they are detractors or supporters, that they are subject to trespassing and all other applicable laws. Above all else, we ask our supporters not to engage with the opposition, and to remain respectful and peaceful at all times.”

So, pour your cup. Go through the readings. For action, we’re sharing a script the Michigan Resistance is using in support of the FOIA legislation we discussed earlier this week. If you haven’t made that call to your local representative, now’s a good time.


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(Today, a share from Michigan Resist — phone calls in support of FOIA legislation we previously discussed)

Support Bills 4148-4158– These bills increase government transparency. It allows citizens to ask for information from the government. For example, in the Flint water crisis there was no way for citizens (or journalists) to demand information from the government.

Michigan Competitiveness: Committee Clerk: Sondra Gordon 517-373-0910

Representative Chatfield (Chair) 517-373-2629

Representative Lilly (Majority Vice-Chair) (517) 373-0838

Hi, I am calling to ask Representative _____________ to stand up for our democracy and SUPPORT bills 4148 to 4158. Our state government needs more transparency, and Michiganders have the right to know whether ethical and moral standards are being met by our elected officials.

We are one of only two states without these standards of transparency. Stand up for government accountability and support these bills to create a system where we are truly represented and protected from future disasters like the Flint Water Crisis. Thank you.



Governor Snyder has presented his budget.
The Free Press editorial board weighs in, voicing light approval for what they call a bare-bones budget, with positive nods toward Flint and education allocations, yet noting things like Healthy Michigan (our Medicaid expansion) are not addressed.
Senator David Knezek wants to know where the infrastructure investment is.
The Michigan Education Association responds to the budget — “a small step in the right direction,” pleased the School Aid Fund is not being tapped.
Bullet points on the budget from the Free Press.
A summary of the budget from WLUC.

Headline: Trump is Attacking any Institution that Challenges Him (The Atlantic, Feb 5, 2017)
Well then. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch characterizes POTUS45 remarks on the judiciary as “disheartening” and “demoralizing” in a conversation with Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
The New York Times account has a more fulsome recounting of President Trump’s response to the hearings on his self-labeled “immigration ban.” It also uses the word “impugn,” to which we nod.

Elsewhere in judicial news, SPLC president Richard Cohen has released a statement on Jeff Sessions confirmation as U.S. Attorney General:

“We opposed Senator Sessions’ nomination because of his regrettable record on civil rights and his association with extremist anti-immigrant organizations. 

“Now that he has been confirmed as our next attorney general, we hope he surprises us and his other critics by protecting the civil and human rights of all persons in our country.

POTUS45 veracity|mendacity watch
(HINT: Mendacity has an overwhelming lead)

On the use of social media presence (and now potentially passwords) as part of an entry clearance for U.S. visitors. Note that general presence has been part of screening since last summer; it is the addition of requiring passwords as well that is the potential new wrinkle.

Mother Jones thinks the Trump-Russia story has disappeared. We haven’t forgotten. And we won’t let our representatives forget.

Find the Michigan Resistance here.

You can get such unexpected results when a bunch of simple utensils mass together.

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