Morning Cup: Compassion

Tuesday, February 14. Yesterday, we learned photographs of top secret matters of international security snapped by members dining near our President at Mar-a-Lago were shared on social media. Early last night, former Goldman-Sachs banker and One West mortgage fiasco leader Steven Mnuchin was voted then sworn in as Treasury Secretary. Late last night we learned that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had submitted his resignation.

This morning, it is Valentine’s Day.

Good morning, FAM! Given the holiday, we are going to focus on the kind of love FAM specializes in: Compassion. For each other. Here in FAM, and throughout our human web. Remembering love is love, women’s rights are human rights, and no human is illegal.

Not that we aren’t keeping track of that Russia thing, and the widening net of accountability. Nor what is brewing with the ACA behind Republican doors. Nor the fact that Republicans are being remarkably mum about the evolving pattern of disturbing allegations against an increasing number of members of the Trump White House, and are passing through a remarkable amount of unqualified and anti-qualified candidates for cabinet positions.

But, in the ongoing effort to keep each day manageable, we pour our cup, survey the landscape…then direct our attention today to compassion.

And invite you to share how you are practicing compassion as well.

So, add a little extra sugar or honey to your cup this morning. Check out today’s suggested actions.

And fill your activist quiver with postcards and contact info. Cupid arrows today; pointed points tomorrow.




*1* (state)
Following up on yesterday’s reading, contact State Rep. Jim Lower (R-Alma), chair of the Local Government Committee, to oppose HB 4105, which seeks to punish sanctuary cities.

**2** (state)
Contact the head of the House Government Operations Committee, State Rep. Lee Chatfield (R-Levering) in support for both HR 0018, written in consultation with the ACLU, and in support of Jeremy Moss’ resolution denouncing anti-refugee policies.

***3*** (state)
Contact your state representative and senator, and ask for their position on each of these measures (HB 4105, HR 0018, and Moss’ resolution. Let them know your thoughts on each.

(The article we shared yesterday which explains all of the above.)


Ways and Means Committee chair says it will not investigate/call for Trump tax returns. The other two bodies with authority to investigate, the Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on taxation, both headed by Orrin Hatch, have already declined.

In a statement regarding Rep. Pascrell’s request, Chair Brady uses a bit of bombast. Note the comments — constituents and citizens not happy. Note also this transpired before Flynn’s resignation last night.
Steven Mnuchin — Things You Might Not Know, from the Independent

Every executive order to date, from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution…/here-every-exe…/pHETsFIm2nYmj4VWlNHmbK/

Pete Souza is still offering a side of shade with his photograph posts.

Bustle lists Things Dumbledore’s Army Taught Us About Activism

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