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It’s Tuesday, February 6th. Radar shows rain falling across the lower part of the mitten, snow across much of the U.P., and a big swatch of clear in between. Whatever the skies above you as you join in today, welcome and good morning. 
The Democrats have been holding the Senate floor since yesterday, delaying the vote on Betsy DeVos and giving the public 24 more hours to contact Republican senators with their objections and concerns — because it is only Republican senators who have said they will vote in favor of DeVos.
POTUS45 spoke at MacDill AFB yesterday and accused the press of underreporting terrorist attacks. 
Here inside FAM, folks got rightfully upset at a Republican Party operative in Marquette who suggested a Kent State style bullet would tamp down protestors. 
Let’s take a moment to talk about the way we’re approaching the Dan Adamini situation, as it will apply to ANY official FAM response. 
It’s pretty simple: We don’t do cyber vigilante justice, period.
We *do* ask fellow members to call out reprehensible behavior. We do demand perpetrators be held accountable by the proper authorities. We do not share personal information and encourage harassment. That is called “doxxing.” Whether or not someone’s personal work phone number, home address, names of aunts and uncles, whatever, can be found with a simple online search or not is immaterial. The act of sharing the information with malicious intent is indeed doxxing, and it will not be tolerated here. 
(More information on doxxing, including information on how to protect yourself from cyber harassment, in the Reading & Resources section.)
By all means, in the case of Dan Adamani, contact the Republican party and let them know what you think of their county secretary’s inciting violence. Contact your own representatives and let them know you expect them to say in no uncertain terms that this behavior is unacceptable, and that you will understand a lack of consequences to mean the Republican party sanctions violence.
But do not encourage each other to directly take on the actor.
Alrighty. Mugs ready. Deep breaths and or firing up, as needed. Let’s do what we can on DeVos, continue to hold POTUS45’s feet to the fire on accountability, and get informed on the impact of drilling.
Lisle, IL Police Department
We are Michigan. We know how Betsy DeVos has used her money to buy influence, how her charter schools have failed students and drained local schools, and how her limited knowledge and interest in education will sacrifice students with special needs, students in areas with little resources, student achievement, etc., in the interest of “alternative schools.” Keep calling. Senators. Friends in other states. The likelihood is that the vote count remains 50-50, and it goes to the Vice President to break the tie…but this groundswell is not going unnoticed. We keep trying, because already we’ve moved the needle, and one more vote will tick the balance to “NO.”

If you have not registered your concern about Dan Adamini’s social media communications, contact the Republican party. If you are local, contact Marquette. Anywhere else, contact your local representatives, as well as state and national organizations. Ask if they support members inciting the public to violence, and if their policy in response to peaceful protest is one bullet.

After Betsy DeVos, the next vote will be on Jeff Sessions. Another round of calls to your senators and your representative is in order.

Note that the very last Reading/Resource link is a piece with strategies on how to stay engaged for the long haul. Remember, always, pace yourself.


Doxxing explained by How Stuff Works

podcast from tech/media site The Verge; addresses the question “can you find me without me telling you?” (HINT: The answer is yes, but what you do with that knowledge is key — about 2/3 of the way in they point out that while yes, information could be available, but sharing it with the intent to harass is doxxing.)

This article from The Daily Beast includes practical discussion of how to protect yourself from doxxing (HINT: you need to clean up regularly — “like dental hygiene”)

“These kinds of acts essentially put the individual involved and their family at immediate risk.”
The DNR has issued a permit to Highland Copper for exploratory drilling in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park.

We discussed proposed Michigan FOIA legislation yesterday.  Here, Michigan Radio’s Jack Lessenberry weighs in on the Michigan FOIA legislation: “Nearly every other state subjects their governor to FOIA, and most of them also apply FOIA to their legislatures. But not our embarrassingly unethical Michigan, which has been judged worst in the nation for transparency and accountability.”

The report from the Center for Public Integrity

The Washington Post says our President is becoming the Divider in Chief.
While a Time magazine columnist calls for impeachment.

In his speech to military personnel at MacDill AFB on Monday, POTUS45 referred to “underreported” ISIS attacks on American soil and in Europe.

The AP is unable to verify that all of the attacks in the subsequently released list of 78 attacks were conducted by the Islamic State.
An editorial in Der Spiegel calls for Europe to stand up for “democracy, freedom, the West and its alliances” — and “start planning its political and economic defenses” against “America’s dangerous president.”

AWWP holding a candlelight vigil for freedom of expression this Saturday during it’s annual conference in D.C.
Speaking of writers, Writers Resist (who we have pointed to previously) is becoming Write Our Democracy, and are starting a “Words Have No Borders” campaign.

That fireball that landed in Lake Michigan Sunday night is not alone.

In it for the long haul; seven tactics for making it through difficult times when you are committed to engaging.

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