Morning Cup: Frederick, FOIA, Friday

It’s Friday the 3rd of February. We are now two weeks into the new presidential administration.

Early this morning, the Senate closed debate on cabinet nominee Betsy DeVos, and she will be up for a vote next Monday or Tuesday. The GOP is sending signals that they will shift their strategy from abolishing the ACA (Obamacare) to “repairing” it.

Back in Michigan, members of Snyder’s staff are heading to jobs in the White House, while the state legislature is moving to make the legislature and governor’s office subject to public records (FOIA) rules and may repeal the failing schools law.

Good morning, FAM. How are you doing today? Are you remembering to set your pace to one that works for you? As a group, we’re not dropping a single ball. Which we can do because in numbers, there is room for each individual to take breaths and breaks as needed.

And attend to humor, like say with #FrederickDouglass2020 or your favorite comedian. And to things beautiful, like your favorite body of water here in the Great Lakes. And to joy.

So, pour today’s cup. Take a moment to reflect on something that makes you smile, and smile.

And then tap into that steady ember that fires up when ready.

High five! Let’s go.



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Betsy DeVos is going to a vote. There is still time to register influence with Senators whose vote could be “no.” Pressure from the public has affected the course of the process so far, and could still interrupt the outcome. Reach out to anyone you know in the states with Republican senators, and ask if they have contacted their senators to explain why DeVos would be terrible for public education in United States.

Take a moment to thank your own senators for their opposition to DeVos, if you haven’t already. Thank yous are indeed appreciated, and are also registered.

Call the Senate Committee on Homeland Security to express your concern and absolute opposition to Steve Bannon being a member of the Principal’s Committee on the National Security Committee.

Call your senators and representative to express your support of the bill introduced by Stephanie Murphy that would remove Steve Bannon from the NSC.

Call your state representative in support of legislation that would make Michigan’s state legislature and governor subject to FOIA rules.


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There has been a move to move to make state legislature and governor subject to FOIA rules.

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