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Wednesday, February 8th. 
As we pause and reflect before starting today, remember this about yesterday: For the first time ever, a Vice President had to step in and cast the deciding vote in the Senate for a cabinet nominee. Whatever machinations may or may not be going on, it is clear that the avalanche of communications affected how the Betsy DeVos proceeded. 
It is also clear, at least to those agitating, that the flurry is NOT GOING TO STOP. Sorry, Charlies. 
< fills mug, passes pot > 
Good morning, FAM. What did the past 24 hours bring? 
At least three lies out of POTUS45’s mouth yesterday: About the national murder rate (he said it’s historically high, it’s actually historically low); the slow pace of his cabinet appointees going through (he says his are the slowest ever; actually, that title — so far — goes to Obama’s cabinet); and he claims he never got a negative communication about DAPL (raise your hand if you sent word to him or any federal legislator about opposing DAPL). 
The deplorable Jeff Sessions coming to the Senate floor for a vote today, after a tone deaf move from Mitch McConnell last night that silenced Elizabeth Warren on the debate floor with an accusation of conduct unbecoming a Senator. 
DAPL now expedited thanks to a directive from POTUS45 to the Army Corps of Engineers. They are to move ASAP on an environmental impact statement. 
But we’ve also seen…
Steady pushback from key players in prominent positions and in the grass roots.
Such a commotion made that the current press secretary repeated feels the need to insist protestors are paid to be present. As if.
The official line on the ACA/Obamacare moved from “repeal” to “repair” — and a timeline extended to “at least one year” out. 
< sip from cup >
It may feel daunting at times. But it’s working. WE are working. 
Today, we are officially focusing on Sessions’ nomination (yes, it will likely go through, but not only do we do not approve, we are deeply opposed); water; and watching. 
As always, let us know what you are doing, both in actions and in keeping balance. 
Mike Lukovich / Atlanta Journal Constitution

Tweet storm:  #NoSessions#SilenceRacismNotWarren

Contact your state representative and ask their position on exploratory drilling in the Porcupine Wilderness…and why. (That is all. This is practice for a habit of demanding accountability from our representatives.)

Stock up on postcards. More avalanches coming.


Lies and the lying liars who tell them.
*”Trump told the sheriffs, ‘the murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years.’“ Actually, it is nearly at the lowest point it has been in 50 years.  (From the Washington Post)
*POTUS — as Donald J. Trump — tweets on 7Feb2017: “It is a disgrace that my full cabinet is still not in place, the longest such delay in the history of our country. Obstruction by Democrats!”
Actually, Obama’s cabinet holds that title.


McConnell silences Warren on the Senate floor last night, accuses her of conduct unbecoming a Senator.
But this guy (Jeff Merkley, D-OR) wasn’t stopped from reading it.
Text of Coretta Scott King’s letter read by Warren.  Letter plus full statement to the 1986 Senate Judiciary Committee here.
Heavens to Betsy! Penny payments to petition signers means “paid support” for DeVos.…

“The Russia Review Act would require the White House to submit a report detailing why it was seeking to lift sanctions, setting into motion a 120-day review period where Congress could vote to disapprove of easing the penalties on the country, according to a summary of the measure provided to CNN.”

DAPL expedited.…/army-to-allow-completion-of-dakota……/army-grant-easement-dakota-a…/story…

More from the data erasure/rush to save data front lines.…/gun-violence-researchers-race-prote…

People like us.…/guide-sprawling-new-anti-trump-res…/

Plenty of “how to best influence your legislator” checklists have been floating around, but here’s a fresh one from Barney Frank. His includes “make sure you are registered to vote.” Not just so you can vote, but because he says they check.…/barney-frank-heres-how-to-not-waste-your-…
Also mentioning this one from Medium, because it’s nice to get reinforcement that what we’ve been doing is spot on.

Fabulous tool from ProPublica that tracks each item of legislation with a summary, how representatives and senators voted, and any statements released by a given representative about that item. Tech savvy folks, note it includes an API.
ProPublica story explains the tool and its history.

Remember/meet: Patsy Mink, champion of Title IX and universal health care.

CARTOON: Mike Lukovich / Atlanta Journal Constitution…/0208-mike-luckovich-consti…/

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