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Monday 6 February

It’s Monday, February 6. The Patriots and the Falcons faced off last night in what ended up being a historic Superbowl game — so many Lady Gaga tweets and posts! Oh, and a historic come from behind in the fourth and overtime win.
Depending on where you read, the halftime performance was apolitical, uniting, or highly political. Another reminder to keep your media awareness with you at all times.  (And keep on practicing your own critical thinking.)
We were glad to see members sharing ways that they recharge this weekend.
Also fun are little exchanges seen between obvious and subversive allies. The ACLU asked Merriam-Webster a very important question, and they shared a little love in their exchange.
Sportsball…diversions and recharging…filling our mugs…
…and into the week. Here we go.


It’s Betsy DeVos Day. The Senate convenes at noon, and will proceed into executive session to vote on the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. We have this morning to continue another historic statistic — the Capitol switchboard logged record traffic last week. Let’s see what we can do with overtime.

Reach out to anyone you know in NC, CO, AZ — encourage them to contact their senators. McCain is welcoming calls from anywhere — call his office yourself.

Contact your senators and representative in support of Senator Warren’s legislation requiring the President and Vice President to fully divest themselves of conflicts of interest and further call to follow the emoluments clause.

Make sure that you’ve entered your state and local representatives into your contact information in preparation for further actions.


Detroit Free Press columnist lets us know that Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof thinks we are not interested in that FOIA legislation pending — the bills that would make Michigan’s legislature and governor subject to FOIA disclosure rules. You know, the very legislation we started calling in support of last week.

This week’s Michigan slate of bills — we’ll dig deeper tomorrow.

NPR has a round up of the past two weeks of the Trump presidency. Which of course are the first two weeks.

The NYT yesterday published this story — note how one of the things mentioned is how President Trump is madder at Bannon for adding himself to the NSC than the immigration ban fallout. Yes, that’s right: The President did not read the entire executive order before signing.  Donald J. Trump is not pleased with this article.  The President has retweeted Donald J. Trump’s thoughts.
Trump and Russia
Our President equated the United States with Russia this weekend, and there is blowback.…/u-s-suggests-path-to-end-russian-sanc……/republican-lawmakers-break-from-tr……/mcconnell-breaks-trump-…/97519470/…/trump-s-russia-u-s-comparison-reje…

The drumbeat for investigating Trump’s ties to Russia is louder again…/2017/02/pelosi-trump-russia-234664
because people haven’t forgotten
or this request
or how the Senate dropped the hot potato…/senate-trump-russia-investigation…
This guy is one of the reporters following the rubles.

Closer look: Sanctuary cities
President Trump has called for publication of a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. (He has not ordered that the same data for naturalized citizens and legal immigrants be published.)
“…immigrants of all kinds are actually less likely to commit crimes than those born inside the United States”…/4-big-things-to-know-abo…/…
“Specifically addressing President Trump’s contentions that sanctuary cities are magnets for homicide, Wong found that the typical sanctuary area saw 1 fewer homicide per 100,000 people in 2015 than the typical non-sanctuary area. While the difference is small, Wong’s statistical tests indicate it is highly significant.”…/ct-trump-sanctuary-city-cri…

Data erasing/changing, climate edition.


Has anybody here ever played crokinole?

workers in the weave — Russian textile work ca. 1920-30, courtesy iO9

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