Weekend cup: Cold, hiccuping, forward

Ai yi yi, starting this morning has been a hiccupy business. Don’t know how your brain engagement is working today, but there is one member of FAM who is finding it very difficult to both rev the engine and focus attention this morning. It’s a one or the other but not both at once kind of thing.
So…slowly, step by step…enjoy the sunshine on the snow…gather steam…get to the task at hand…
POTUS45 has gone to Mar-a-Lago, now being called “The Winter White House,” for a brief vacation. Previously this week, he had taken a break from pushing through executive orders and memoranda, but broke the quiet spell yesterday with two executive actions, rolling back both Dodd-Frank and a fiduciary rule.
More judges, in Seattle and Boston, have ruled against the executive order on immigration. Federal judges. Whose rulings affect apply to even the President.
While POTUS45 has tried to fast track DAPL with an executive order, action on other pipelines is now in limbo thanks to moving a new person into position as chair of FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), which prompted the ousted chair to step off the commission entirely. Meaning they no longer have a quorum, and cannot take any actions until appointments to vacancies are confirmed by the Senate.
Pressure on the Senate to reject the DeVos continues, and is having an effect. There is still a chance to affect the vote and prevent her nomination from going through.
Back at home, former chair/current secretary of the Republican Party in Marquette Dan Adamani has upset many with incendiary messages on social media, suggesting that “one bullet” could take care of demonstrators a la Kent State.
…and breathe. It’s a beautiful, if cold, day. Let’s enjoy it. Just as we adjust our clothing, we adjust our balance. If we need to walk like penguins to stay upright on a slippery surface, well, we do.
whatever your style
Continue to encourage friends/family/acquaintances in other states to explain to their senators why DeVos is a terrible choice for Secretary of Education. Paste articles explaining why on your wall that they can share. (We’ve certainly had plenty of them shared in here! Search “DeVos” and see what comes up.)**2**
Push back against Dan Adamani’s comments. Ask your Republican representative to respond. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper.***3***
Think of things you have done to keep yourself balanced / restore calm when needed. Share with FAM.


Marquette 1897

The impact from that third party vendor payroll vendor security breach in the unemployed benefits system could be as many as 1.87 million.

Electablog reviews the beyond insensitive into incendiary social media posts from Marquette Republican Party Secretary (and former chair) Dan Adamini.

Internet access will be more difficult for seniors, minorities, and the poor — including disadvantaged schoolchildren, thanks to the new FCC chairman’s rollback of previous actions.

Federal judge in Seattle rules in favor of suit brought against Trump immigration order.

A look inside the White House last weekend over how the implementation of the executive order on immigration played out.

On Friday, new executive orders, one rolling back Dodd-Frank and the Volker Rule, the other
the fiduciary rule for 401(k) investments.

Running lists of executive orders and memoranda:

The latest from Standing Rock, and a look at the effect of a FERC resignation on pipeline construction.

Our neighbors to the north/east/south across the water(s) have offered to help tend to those children who were coming to the US for surgery but have been denied entry due to the executive order.

Resistance Calendar
Resist Trump protests this weekend from Igor Volsky (@igorvolsky on Twitter); includes Kalamazoo tomorrow.

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