Daily Post – 5/5/17 – After the AHCA

Good Morning FAM!

This might be the single most important day in FAMs history, as we take specific, unified, direct and unrelenting action TOGETHER against the Representatives who betrayed the American People in yesterday’s Health Care vote.

In order to MAXIMIZE our momentum—all actions to take are at the beginning of this post.

We need each and every one of you to commit to taking ALL of these actions to the best of your ability.

Are you with us? Lets. Do. This.

**Make sure to read the whole action post for resources and coupons for maximum impact**

**No one, under any circumstances, should threaten, demean, abuse, or insinuate violence against ANYONE we will be reaching out to. We don’t need that kind of attention and it undercuts our cause.**


Starting today, and every day afterwards, we will be executing on an all-out onslaught of contacting the 217 Republicans who voted for the atrocity of the AHCA.

1. We will start with the Michigan Republicans who voted YES. They are as follows: Jack Bergman, Bill Huizenga, Justin Amash, John Moolenaar, Fred Upton, Mike Bishop, Tim Walberg, Dave Trott and Paul Mitchell. We are looking for a list of just these folks for ease, but until then, use the link below.

2. Next, we will THANK the 20 Republican representatives who voted NO on the AHCA. They can be found at the following link. 


3. Finally, we will contact the rest of the Republican representatives who voted yes. They can also be found at this link.


Each representative should be called, emailed, and sent a post card.

Addresses for reps can be found here—Send postcards to their HOME STATE OFFICES first because of some upcoming recesses of the House. Note that you’ll have to click on the reps name to go to their website—from there you may have to do some investigating to find their office addresses but they’re all there:


For the representatives who voted YES, we’ve prepared some post card templates for you, which can be found here: 


For the 20 Republicans who voted NO, we’ve created this Thank You Post Card:


There are a few options for using these templates:

1. Print them yourself at home

2. Print them at a Kinkos/Staples/Copy Center. If you do this option, you should be okay with the drop box links. If you are going to be printing a lot of them, for a local chapter or large group of activists, you can use this coupon for $25 off a $100 print order. http://www.fedex.com/us/office/coupon.html

3. Order them using Vista Print. If you do this option, make sure to select a “small” size template when you place the order. You can use this promotion code for 25% off your order: MARKETING25


In order for the ACA to be fully repealed and replaced by the AHCA, the bill must also be voted on by the Senate. The bill requires 51 YAY votes, and with 52 Republicans in the Senate, there is a much smaller margin of error. There are a few things on our side: First is the obvious atrocity that is the AHCA bill specifically relating to pre-existing conditions, high risk pools and the Medicaid expansion that would be phased out. The second is the fact that Senators who are seeking re-election will be keen to not cause waves with their constituents—there is a large correlation between folks who voted for DT and who are counting on him to keep is promise of saving Medicare. The third is there are already some prominent Republican senators who are questioning some of the pillars of the bill. When contacting these senators, please feel free to use the “Baby Bump” post card, found here:

1. Several sources have named specific Republican senators whose constituents will not be happy about the current version of the AHCA. We need to call, email, and send post cards to these senators ASAP. We must make contact every day until this bill dies. These folks are: Bob Portman (OH), Lindsey Graham (SC), and Susan Collins (ME).

2. All Republican Senators must be contacted by us via phone, email, and post-card. A full list of current senators can be found here:


3. Despite the overwhelming outcry from Democratic senators, they require constant outreach affirming their position against this horrible bill. We must call, email, and send post cards to them every day as well. Again, they can be found here:

For these senators, please use this post card template:


Lastly, know this: This fight is FAR FROM OVER and we will not stop until we’ve exhausted every outlet for change we can. We, as a leadership team, are cooking up some more ways for us to be involved on a large scale so stay tuned. In the mean time, we CANNOT let up.

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