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Hey FAM!
*sniff, sniff* – can you smell that?? It’s smells like….a REVOLUTION!! Yesterday was an historic day across the country, with red seats flipping to blue in big races and small. Virginia was the big news, with democrats sweeping across the state. According to Amy Siskind, FOURTEEN seats flipped from red to blue, which is the biggest democratic pickup since 1899! POC made a strong impact, as well as LGBTQ candidates. Cheers to Danica Roem, who defeated the incumbent legislator who introduced the bathroom bill in VA, and became the first trans state legislator in the country! Cheers to Andrea Jenkins, the first trans woman of color to hold public office! 😁
Also, huge congrats to our FAMily members who ran (and won!) yesterday!!!! We are so proud of you! Please chime in below to let us know what/where you won.
We. Did. This.
But, we keep our eyes open and we move forward…we’ve got work to do today, FAM!
** SB 584-586 is up for vote today in the Senate, after being approved by a 3-2 vote. A full vote in the senate is expected today in the Senate. This trio of bills would allow loaded handguns to be carried in schools, preschools, college classrooms, churches, and sports stadiums, among other places. A vote is expected at noon today – so we need you to call your STATE Republican senators THIS MORNING. This bill is ridiculous, and I’m not even sure how it is getting through – oh wait…gun money! There are protests planned in Lansing as well. Call, get out – do what you can do. This link will help connect you:
** The GOP tax plan is in the markup stage right now in the House…if you want to call it that – Dems are screaming that this plan was written behind closed doors without MoC having a chance to review. Just like many other pieces of legislation with this administration, this one is getting rammed through. We need your calls – US MoC. Here’s a little more info:
In case you missed it, your admins will be LIVE tomorrow evening at 7:30, right here in FAM. We are celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary, and we want to share some FAM updates with you! We are moving FORWARD, and we are so excited you are joining us!
There’s SO much more, but we’re trying to keep it short! Have a fabulous Wednesday, FAM! We’ll see you tomorrow!! 😘
Anne, Anne, and Jen.

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