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Happy Friday, FAM!

We hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving and was able to find peace and rest (and some pie!).

Most government offices are closed today, but there are still a few things we want to draw your attention to. Today is a great day for folks who sometimes feel nervous about making activism calls and speaking to live people.

1. Net Neutrality (essentially the thing that makes the internet free and allows streaming, internet, and other online services to happen all together) is being threatened. This simply cannot happen–it disproportionately will impact low income individuals, and allow large corporations to charge even more money for simple services. It’s also incredibly dangerous because it limits the flow of information.

Learn about it here:

Call the FCC comment line and demand they keep Net Neutrality for all of the reasons above.


*When I called this morning, I did get a message that said they were experiencing higher than normal call volumes and directed me to the Net Neutrality website below:

Then enter 17-108 in the proceeding number field (which is the first field.

2. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has recently praised the ACA repeal provisions of the new budget. A staunch critic of the ACA repeal efforts of the senate previously, her new position threatens the forces in place to stop this budget from being approved. Call her today and ask her to keep standing with those who she is set to protect. Middle class people don’t need an estate tax, or relief on taxes for private planes, or to be able to bring elephant tusks back to the US. They need healthcare.


3. Remember, it’s never to early to practice self care. With the holidays now in full swing, for many of us, stress is at an all time high. Here is an awesome article explaining the necessary tenets of Self Care.

As always, we’re so happy to have you with us and we appreciate all of you for picking up the phone today and making your voice heard.


Anne, Anne and Jen

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