Happy Thanksgiving from FAM

Happy Thanksgiving, FAMily!

Today we are “closed” so our admins, moderators and members can practice some self care and spend time with their families.

We understand that for many of you, especially the white folks, being with family may mean being with Trump supporters. If you’re feeling anxious or nervous about interfacing or discussing politics, we’ve provided an AWESOME holiday reference guide from Showing Up For Racial Justice.

We have a duty as those who experience the benefits of privilege and acknowledge that there are those among us who are systematically discriminated against, to stand up, educate and advocate for those who don’t have a voice.

No one has to shoulder this burden alone and no one should even put themselves in an unsafe position when doing so. But acknowledging that many among us are unsafe simply by existing may give you the hope and courage to press forward.

As always, we at FAM believe in intersectionality and using the privilege everyone has to lift up those who are persecuted. We also believe that everyone has a place here and are so proud to be with all of you.

Please use this thread to share thoughts, concerns, offer and seek support, and spread help and love.


Anne, Anne and Jen


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