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Happy CYBER Monday, FAMily!

Hopefully everyone was able to find some rest and relaxation with friends and family or away from friends and family. This week is a HUGE week for the Resistance–it’s time to make our voices heard as a strong, united front.


We’ve suddenly heard nothing about the batch of Senate bills that would allow guns to be carried in schools, churches and other places where guns don’t belong. With the holiday that just passed and the one coming up, it’s possible this will get lost in the news shuffle–but we cannot let up.

Call Gov. Snyder’s office and demand he veto these bills should they make it to his desk.



1. Net Neutrality (essentially the thing that makes all of the internet available to anyone who pays/uses a service to access it) is under assault.

There are new reports that there is a panel of 5 people who will vote on this. There are two that have come out against getting rid of net neutrality so the other 3 need to be swayed. See below for their information.

Ajit Pai, Mignon Clyburn, Michael O’Rielly, Brendan Carr, and Jessica Rosenworcel will vote on Net Neutrality.

Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel plan to vote keep net neutrality.

To preserve internet neutrality, one of the remaining three needs to change their vote. Contact them directly to urge them to defend Net Neutrality:

Ajit Pai: 202-518-7399

Michael O’Rielly: 301-657-9092

Brendan Carr: 202-719-7305

Secondly, leave comments via phone or email by following the prompts below.


*When I called last week, I did get a message that said they were experiencing higher than normal call volumes and directed me to the Net Neutrality website below:

2. States are preparing to shut down the programs, services and funds that provide children with health coverage via CHIP. This simply cannot happen–we must hold the “right to life” party accountable for systematically harming children.

Read about it here and call every republican senator you can.

3. The GOP cannot lose more than two Senate votes on tax cuts. Here is a list of the opposed or wavering on certain provisions:

1) McCain

2) Corker

3) Flake

4) Daines

5) Collins

6) Johnson

Direct your Capital calls, ResistBot and faxes to them. Make yourself heard this week. Ensure that this SCAM does not pass.


Congratulations to American Actress and Humanitarian Meghan Markle on her engagement to former British Soldier, named Harry.

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