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Happy Monday, FAMily!

Please make sure to read this thread carefully–in addition to crucial action that needs to be taken, there is also information about the upcoming holidays and FAM monitoring.

2. The GOP tax plan is still floating around, with several GOP senators either opposed, or unable to commit to supporting it. We are going to call those senators and request that they continue to push back on this bill that benefits the rich. Ask them why a teacher wouldn’t be able to write off supplies for their classroom, but a billionaire could write off their private jet? Ask them how that delivers to the middle class.

Ask them why they’ve moved on to removing healthcare from millions this way, and how they can look their constituents in the eye after voting for this when they opposed the ACA repeal?

Ask them why they refuse to act on CHIP–the population who depends on it being critically underserved.

Sen. McCain

Sen. Murkowski

Sen. Collins

Sen. Ron Johnson

3. While you’re talking to Sen. Murkowski, thank her for being the first member of her party to blatantly, and publicly encourage voters NOT to vote for Roy Moore. Yes, others have said they believe the women, and that he should step aside, but this is the first direct message to voters from the GOP.

4. DETROIT ACTIVIST TIME: Today, the Planning and Dev. Committee of the Detroit City council is voting to decide whether Dan Gilbert can receive tax dollars for his projects around the city.

This is not a debate on the merit of Gilbert’s work, or his business. This is a simple No Taxation without Representation issue–the option for people to pay taxes to know where their money is going before hand is crucial.

Not to mention the city needs to spend those tax dollars on businesses that will bring revenue, jobs, stability, and safety to city residents–not wealthy out of town folks. Please see the link below for more information, and commit to calling 2-3 council members.

5. THANKSGIVING. This week is Thanksgiving, and we’re going to be “closed” for Thanksgiving day to give our admins and moderators and members some time away to spend time with people who lift us up, and be thankful for all that we are and all that we’ve done.

So, what does that mean? That means that pending posts won’t be approved in real time, and contacting admins or moderators may take a bit more time. We will still have some folks monitoring periodically, but we’ll all be stepping away for a day of Rest and Relaxation.

If you’re in a position to host those who are not able to readily receive support, and unconditional love from their family or friends, please comment here so folks can find you.

If you’re someone who needs an alternative plan for Thanksgiving, make sure to check these daily pinned posts for folks who have open seats.

As always, we’re proud to be here with each and every one of you. As we grow into 2018, we’re looking to the future and making a wider impact across as much of our local and national landscape as we can. We won’t be able to do it without you. Thank you for being with us.


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