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Good morning, FAMily! ❤️

As usual these days (exhaustingly), there are many things happening on which we can act simultaneously, but we are going to choose a few emergent items to highlight today, to avoid overwhelming.

Before we get started on action items, we wanted to pause a moment and talk about our actions online. Read any comments section of any news article and the tone seems to devolve rapidly these days – even here on FAM, we’ve had to shut down many posts over the past year when members ended up name-calling and shaming other members. As admins, we can’t help but shake our heads at this – We. Are. On. The. Same. Side. It’s okay to not think 100% alike, and in fact, listening to (and honoring) differing viewpoints is one of the hallmarks of democracy. Taking the concept of “going high” one step further, I encourage you to listen to others, both here and elsewhere – text is not an ideal medium for communication – as a matter of fact, it sucks…so before you jump to conclusions about what someone meant, or assume someone is a “troll,” seek to clarify first. We have SO MANY other things on which to focus our energy. Fighting with our allies zaps that energy and divides our movement. (And no, this was not triggered by any incident – I watched this great TED talk last night, and reflected back to our movement). I encourage you to take a peek – a little long, but a really interesting perspective:

Okay! On to our actions!


1. The tax plan will likely be voted on tomorrow. We need three senate votes to kill this plan. The graphic below highlights just a few of the reasons this bill is terrible for our country. I seriously cannot even wrap my head around how gleeful the GOP is about passing something so damaging to millions and millions of people, all for the sake of a “win.” Murkowski looks to be leaning toward yes, as well as Collins. Corker flipped yesterday and voted the bill through in committee (bastard!). So, the three we are looking at today are our AZ contingent, Flake and McClain, as well as newly emerged John Kennedy from LA. Not sure what to do with this? So glad you asked! 😁

The Indivisible hack:

Or, this enormous set of resources via Ben Wikler:

2. Net Neutrality

Y’all know the story by now (if not, ask below…we’ll bring you up to speed!).

To preserve internet neutrality, one of the remaining three needs to change their vote. Contact them directly to urge them to defend Net Neutrality:

Ajit Pai: 202-518-7399

Michael O’Rielly: 301-657-9092

Brendan Carr: 202-719-7305

Secondly, leave comments via phone or email by following the prompts below.


Also, you can log comments online:

The NY AG is investigating false positive comments that have been discovered to justify killing net neutrality. This means we need to work extra hard to overcome. The vote is scheduled for mid-December.

Additional information:

3. Speaking of mid-December, Doug Jones needs your help to defeat Roy Moore in AL. Bannon will be hitting the campaign trail next week to support Moore, and is calling directly on Alabama’s “deplorables” to put him in office. This situation….seriously. Who would ever have thought???

Donate, if you are able:

Lastly, an emerging act of resistance for Twitter users: Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is urging us to withdraw 45’s narcissistic supply. Understanding narcissism (having had my own experience) – the narcissist lives in adoration, praise, worship. At times, ANY reaction feeds the narcissism, because in his head, EVERYTHING can be spun into a positive feedback loop. Narcissists create and truly believe their own reality. Evidence with the Access Hollywood tapes – he is now saying that isn’t his voice on the tapes, despite prior admitting to it. Understand that this man now truly believes that he never said that. So, Elizabeth is suggesting a strategy called “grey rocking.” For every tweet 45 puts out, simply respond with “You will be impeached.” There is no ambiguity with this statement, no way to misinterpret or twist. No anger, no frustration – just those words only. Check it out:

This got long, quickly! We are thankful for you! Now get out there and take our country back, FAM!!!! 💕

Your admins: Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

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