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Happy Friday, FAM!! ❤️

Today is December 15, 2017 – we are halfway through this month, and barreling through the holidays…🎉🎉

Our Game of Thrones fans know who is in the picture below, and may recall her list… for those of you unfamiliar, the photo is of the character Arya Stark – one of the younger children in one of the main families in the book/series. Arya develops a list that she repeats every night before bed of the people who have killed members of her family, and of whom she will exact revenge. Each night, she said the names as she fell asleep. (To be clear, we are NOT talking about killing anyone…just exacting revenge by way of “you are going to lose your job”….).

We administrators have such a list going of players in the current administration, and yesterday, that list was lengthened to include Ajit Pai, Michael O’Rielly (not misspelled), and Brendan Carr – the three republican members of the FCC committee who voted yesterday to take away our net neutrality. 😡. This threat to repeal was wildly unpopular with the American Public yet they went ahead and repealed it anyway. But it’s not over…congress can still stop the repeal.

So, here are your action items for today, if you choose to participate (and we really hope you do!!):

1. Let Ajit, Brendan, and Mike know how you feel about their votes yesterday. 😡 Let them know it’s NOT OKAY to subvert our democratic process by voting against a strong majority of the peoples’ wishes.

Ajit Pai (202) 418-1000 or

Michael O’Rielly (301) 657-9092 or mike.o’

Brendan Carr (202) 719-7305 or

Next, a number of state attorney generals are suing the FCC in order to protect our net neutrality. Michigan is NOT one of them. Please encourage Bill Schuette (who is running for Governor next year and is a FOB (friend of Bannon)) to represent the interests of the people of Michigan.

(517) 373-1110

Lastly, contact members of Congress (MoC) and ask them to support the maintenance of net neutrality. Among those on your “list,” you may want to touch base with these MoCs who’ve taken a ton of money in “donations” from the telecom industry and wrote a letter of support to Pai, encouraging the repeal of net neutrality (follow the money, folks!). Our own Mike Bishop received $68,250 in “donations.”

2. Today is the LAST day people can enroll in ACA. Please get the word out!

3. The tax bill is looking iffy. People are starting to waver. Please call the following people who are committed no’s (pending their demands) or are wavering:

Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041

Bob Corker (202) 224-3344

Mike Lee (202) 224-5444

Susan Collins (202) 224-2523

4. We mentioned this earlier this week – put some pressure on Rick Snyder to demand a special election for Conyers’ now-vacant seat BEFORE November! The people of Detroit deserve representation in Congress!!

(517) 373-3400.

Make some calls, FAMily! Let’s keep this tide rolling!!! ❤️

Have a great weekend – stay safe and warm. Thank you for everything you do for our state and country. ❤️

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

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