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Good morning FAM!

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve! 🎄

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, Joyous Kwanzaa to you (starting Tuesday)! ❤️ Kwanzaa is a week-long holiday celebrating the seven principles of African heritage – unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

We are heading into a governmental recess today, and that will give us an opportunity to rest. ❤️ We encourage you to take care while they’re out and recharge for the fights ahead. The FAM admin team (Anne, Anne, and Jen) will be meeting soon to plan out the next few months, and we’ve got exciting things ahead! Stay tuned! 😁

In the meantime, the House and Senate passed a continuing resolution (CR) yesterday to continue funding the government for the next few weeks. In this plan was a continuation for CHIP funding through March (whew!) as well as $81M for disaster relief (wildfires and hurricanes, including Puerto Rico) but did NOT include any provisions for Dreamers (DACA). A lot of people are pissed off at the Dems who voted to pass this temporary measure. I have heard rumblings that Peters and Stabenow voted to PASS the CR (but have not been able to confirm). Before we get the pitchforks out and swear to vote them out of office, understand politics is not black and white. We haven’t seen yet what was voted on, and often crap gets thrown in (or taken out) at the last minute that makes the bill heinous – which means voting for one positive thing (CHIP funding, for instance) means not being able to vote for something else (DACA). This is a TEMPORARY measure. Congress will be back January 3, and this CR only goes through January 19. We needed CHIP NOW. States’ funding was already expiring NOW. We still have time to fight for Dreamers. Can you call Stabenow and Peters and voice your displeasure over the vote? Of course! Reaffirm your priorities with them. Let them know your expectations of them. Use your voices. 💪🏼

On Wednesday, Annie introduced #pledgeprogressive. This is FAM’s initiative to redirect any increase in your paycheck (if you see one) as a result of the 45’s tax plan to progressive candidates and causes in 2018!

From Wednesday’s post:
That’s why were urging everyone to publicly take the #pledgeprogressive challenge to donate the increase in our paychecks from this bill to progressive organizations and causes.

Tweet and Facebook the following:

The Republican tax scam will put money in my pocket at the expense of my country and my fellow Americans.
I pledge to give every penny I receive because of this tax bill to progressive candidates who will help America prosper. Who’s with me? Take the pledge. #pledgeprogressive Click To Tweet

Are you joining us? 😁

We are taking Monday off from the post so that we may celebrate with our friends and families. We wish you a continued healthy holiday season and we’ll be back mid-week next week (with a new action post). Keep informing each other here on FAM, keep supporting each other in our *little* FAMily. Let’s take over in 2018!! 💪🏼💪🏼

Much love to all of you,

Anne, Anne, and Jen

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