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Happy Monday, FAMily!

Woah. What a weekend. The admins and moderators want to encourage everyone to practice self care, and to move with intention as we forray into this new area of this administration, especially Congress.

As we’re sure all of you know, Congress passed the ATROCITY of the GOPs tax bill in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. While this is certainly not a good thing, this is not the final step before the law goes to DTs desk. We can still make a difference as we’ve done for the past year.

Today’s post has some simple but necessary actions to take as well as some reminders and housekeeping. Do. Not. Lose. Heart. We can still make a difference and FAM will always be committed to giving voices to the voiceless.

1. Congress has to vote on this garbage bill at least one more time before it goes to the President for signature. This article from Electablog is a great resource for what actions to take in the mean time. This is NOT over.

The Simple Answer: Call 202-224-3121 and backlash like you’ve never backlashed before.

The Slightly Less Simple Answer: If you have a Republican representative, call 202-224-3121 and demand they stop helping the rich while claiming to be about the middle and working class. Remind them there is no economic proof that giving rich people more money to “stimulate the economy with spending” has ever worked.

Follow @MichaelSLinden and @TaxMarch to stay informed on ways to protest and make your voice heard.

If you can, donate to Democratic opponents of Republicans, especially Doug Jones who MUST DEFEAT pedophile, sexual predator and racist Roy Moore.

2. Remember to check your PMs because our awesome moderator team will reach out to you that way should you submit a post that needs editing before approval. We are having a huge problem with people posting that their posts are being ignored by moderators which is simply not the case.

Also, please SEARCH before you post as to not duplicate posts. Duplicate posts or lonely link posts (things that are simply shared without any commentary or text from you) won’t be approved.

3. Please give a special call to Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and remind him that CHIP must be funded. In order to receive CHIP, a recipient must have a job, so saying that paying for CHIP means paying for people who aren’t contributing is FALSE AS HELL. 202-224-5251

4. For your reference, one of the graphics shared on this post is a list of all of the Republicans who voted YES on the budge in the Senate. We will be setting our sights on them in 2018 and destroying their reelections where applicable.

As always, it is a pleasure for us to be here with you. We hope that you take these actions seriously and complete them every day. Those who have no voice, the marginalized, oppressed, abused, and discriminated against are RELYING ON US to step full force into the fray and protect them. For all that we have, we have a great responsibility to see to it that others have access to the things we take for granted.


Anne, Anne, and Jen

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