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But you ain’t ruinin’ our country, punk
Or takin’ our pride from us, you won’t define us
‘Cause like a dictionary, things are lookin’ up
So much, got a sprained neck, know we would rise up
Against this train wreck and take a stand
Last week, Eminem released his 8th studio album, Revival. Included in the track list is a song called “Like Home” which is a huge political statement against the current administration.
If you get a chance, check it out. It’s definitely a fight song for the resistance and will ignite the Arya Stark in all of us (not for actual killing).
Happy Monday, FAM! We’re making it through towards the end of the year–we couldn’t be more proud of all of you or the things coming for us in the future.
Please read this post carefully and take action. This is a huge week for the resistance and every day till the end of the year counts.
FIRST: We are seeing a huge amount of posts regarding DT firing Robert Mueller. Both liberal and conservative analysts across media agree this would be an automatic impeachment and it’s unlikely it will happen.
But, in the event that it does, we will provide direction and instruction for PEACEFUL demonstrations.
With that being said–please fact check your sources, use the search function and ask yourself if your post will provide information or just cause panic. We have enough to be worried about without adding more fuel to the fire.
Here is a good thread explaining the actual ins and outs of how things would work. This is more than likely a huge distraction because Mueller has transition team emails.
NOW! Onto Action!

National Action:

1. John McCain is not going to be participating in the vote for the new tax bill due to recovering from chemotherapy. This means that the Republicans technically only have the majority by 1 vote (and a tie breaker from Pence) so calling is important. We are targeting folks who are wavering or have wavered in the past. Even if you think someone is a lost cause, call anyway. Every voice helps.
Sen. Corker 3344
Sen. Flake 4521
Sen. Collins 2523
Sen. Rubio 3041
Sen. Murkowski 6665
Sen. Lee 5444
2. DACA needs to be defended-as it was a campaign promise made by DT. When you call these senators today, remind them to protect DACA and ask them why it would be okay for our president to break a promise he made.
3. In addition to the tax bill and DACA, CHIP is still unfunded–a travesty as it has been something with huge bipartisan support for years. Call these senators and ask them why children, who they say are innocent, are suffering at their hands.
4. Net Neutrality. Lets let the FCC who voted to remove it know how we feel. You know what to do!
Ajit Pai (202) 418-1000 or
Michael O’Rielly (301) 657-9092 or mike.o’
Brendan Carr (202) 719-7305 or


1. Call Gov. Snyder and let him know you’re incredibly disappointed that he will leave Detroit’s 13th district without representation for FAR TOO LONG.
Gov Snyder -517-373-3400
Remember folks, as President Obama use to say, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King jr. the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
Every call, tweet, email, protest, dollar and voice helps bend that arc.
As always, it’s a pleasure to be with you and serve you through this wonderful organization that you all helped build.
Anne, Anne, and Jen

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