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Happy Wednesday, FAM! ❤️

Hope your week (politics aside) is going well! 😊

So, the tax plan passed the Senate this weekend – what’s next? Reconciliation Committee, to try to get the House and Senate version in alignment. Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi choose who will be on the committee, and it looks like the members are as follows:

Kevin Brady (R) Texas

Devin Nunes (R) California

Peter Roskam (R) Illinois

Diane Black (R) Tennessee

Kristi Noem (R) South Dakota

Rob Bishop (R) Utah

Don Young (R) Alaska

Greg Walden (R) Oregon

John Shimkus (R) Illinois

Richard Neal (D) Massachusetts

Sander Levin (D) Michigan

Lloyd Doggett (D) Texas

Raúl Grijalva (D) Arizona

Kathy Castor (D) Florida

Doing the simple math, you can probably guess how any vote will go…after committee, it goes back to the House and Senate for a final vote, before heading to 45.

But in the meantime, while the tax bill is in committee, Congress needs to pass an operating budget. The former deadline was December 8 – but they are voting on a December 22 extension. The two parties are at odds, with the GOP wanting to increase spending on defense, and the Dems wanting more money for DACA and the opioid crisis.

So, what are we doing this week?

1. Stay informed! As always, avoid the shiny/scary/embarrassing shit coming out of Washington and focus on the long-range.

2. Call your MoC and urge them to protect DACA as they discuss the government operating budget.

3. We may have a couple weeks before the tax plan goes to a vote (45 wants to give y’all a Christmas present, you know…🤮), but keep up the pressure. Call DAILY. We have that time to let your voices be heard. Log those calls! Please!

4. Join us a La Pita (on Newman, in Dearborn) THIS Saturday at 5 pm for another Shawarma Law Enforcement dinner. Annie and I will be there – we’d love to meet you! ❤️

Keep it up, FAM! Stay strong and move FORWARD! ❤️

Thank you,

Anne, Anne, and Jen❤️

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