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Gooood morning, FAM!! ❤️

Is anyone else as tired as I am?? I feel like I stayed up to watch a late night football game or something….oh, wait….

Roll Tide! ❤️

Enjoy this, FAM! There will be more moments like this. Last night renewed some hope for me, when I desperately needed it.

Celebrate today….but not too long – we still have work to do – TODAY. 💪🏼💪🏼


With the immediate resignation of John Conyers, Gov Rick Snyder had the power to determine the process for replacing him…and decided the people of Detroit can wait all the way till an election in November to go without representation! This is not okay! Not if we can help it!

Call Governor Snyder’s office and demand that district 13 get representation ASAP! 517-373-3400. Thank you! 😁


1. Tomorrow (12/14) is the vote to save net neutrality, and it sounds like it’s already a done deal, despite not having voted yet. We need you to put on the pressure!

Try 5 calls, and scroll to the bottom for a script, if needed:

The FCC is no longer taking public input, so also call your senators and your US Representative. Put the pressure on, folks!!

2. While the tax plan is in Conference, continue to pressure potential swing voters:

Susan Collins (202) 224-2523

Bob Corker (202) 224-3344

Ron Johnson (202) 224-5323

Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521

3. ACA enrollment ends Friday! Make sure the people you know and love who may need these services signs up!

4. While the tax plan is being debated, the operational budget is being discussed. At stake for our interests is DACA and CHIP. Contact your MoC and express your concerns over not renewing CHIP and withdrawing funding and support from DACA.


We are one step closer to finalizing our PAC status (state and federal). This week, we secured our bank accounts through Urban Partnership Bank in Detroit. They are headquartered in Chicago, and have ONE branch in Michigan. We chose them to represent us because we appreciated their value of reinvesting into the communities in which they work. Check out their mission here:

Lastly, you must know how I love my TED talks…last night I stumbled on this one about breaking your filter bubble. What is a filter bubble? Well…FAM is an example. It’s when you surround yourself with like-minds, and the input you receive becomes more and more narrow, which could lead to an unbalanced view. This talk is between one of the founders of and about how important it is to form connections with people with differing viewpoints. 😊. Please check it out (9 minutes):

Have a FANTASTIC Wednesday, FAMily! 😊. Stay busy (stay safe in today’s snow)! Thank you for all you do (even if YOU think it doesn’t matter, it DOES!).

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

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