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Happy Wednesday FAM!
First off, we’re all angry and disappointed that the GOP passed their garbage tax bill last night/this morning/the house has to re-vote because the version they voted on doesn’t adhere to senate rules (what??!?)
But, we are not at all surprised. We know that their style is to lie to poor people to vote them into office and then forsake them with EVERY PIECE OF LEGISLATION they try and pass. We know that for many of us, this legislation will be inconvenient–but for some of us and many of our fellow Americans, this is a life or death situation.
That’s why were urging everyone to publicly take the #PledgeProgressive challenge to donate the increase in our paychecks from this bill to progressive organizations and candidates.
We saw what women of color did an Alabama–and the best way to thank them is to support them publicly and financially as they run for office, run organizations, or run new ideas past us.
Click to tweet the following:

Tweet: The Republican tax scam will put money in my pocket at the expense of my country and my fellow Americans. I pledge to give every penny I receive because of this bill to progressive candidates who will help America prosper. Who’s with me? Take the pledge. #pledgeprogressive



1. Call ANY republican senator and ask them when CHIP is going to be funded again. If they’re the party of Christian Values and the party that values life, why are they forcing thousands of innocent children to suffer.
2. Make sure to let the Republican members of the FCC know how we feel about the net neutrality vote:
Ajit Pai (202) 418-1000 or
Michael O’Rielly (301) 657-9092 or mike.o’
Brendan Carr (202) 719-7305 or
3. Consider supporting Randy Bryce, who WAS going to challenge Paul Ryan for his seat next year, but since Paul Ryan is now apparently not seeking reelection (maybe), we’re faced with unknown possibilities for who could challenge Bryce.


1. Call Gov. Snyder and let him know you’re incredibly disappointed that he will leave Detroit’s 13th district without representation for FAR TOO LONG.
Gov Snyder -517-373-3400
2. Congratulate a teacher today! The Michigan Supreme court ruled in school employees favor when it decided that the 3% deduction from their pay from 2010-2013 for retiree healthcare was unconstitutional and more than $550 million must be paid back.
And remember–tax legistlation can be reveresed–we must stay focused and keep our eyes on eliminating the chances of any Republican to win election/reelection ever.
We are with you and we are proud to be here.
Anne, Anne, and Jen

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