A. New. Day. Is. On. The. Horizon (Monday Admin Post)

“A. New. Day. Is. On. The. Horizon.”
Oprah Winfrey

Good Monday Morning, FAMily! Are you ready for the tropical warm up this week? 😊. In case you missed it last night, Oprah hit it out of the park and had me in tears:

First assignment for today: hit me up in the comments with your favorite inspirational quote or song lyric – something that gets (or keeps) you going. Let’s see what you’ve got! 😊

With regards to the Women’s March on 1/21 in Lansing, it looks like we don’t have enough expressed interest to book a 56 person bus. We are super appreciative of those who said they could sponsor a rider (thank you!). Alternatively, please comment below if you would like to carpool (include your home location) – maybe you can find some travel companions. 😊

We are starting to see requests for campaign workers…if you are a candidate or campaign manager and are looking for staff or volunteers, please PM an administrator (Anne Christina, Jennifer Johnson, or Anne Margaret) first. Thanks!

Personal request: Step. Away. From. The. Book.
Read it, discuss it, whatever you want to do with it…but please – DO NOT let it distract you. I’ll summarize it for you:

45 is a narcissistic asshole

There. Now we can get back to work. 😂

While everyone was agog over the book, heinous shit was slipping through Congress and the WH…the opening of all coastlines to offshore drilling, a 9 cents per barrel tax on oil was allowed to expire this week, the GOP stepped up its attacks on HRC and all-things-Mueller. Eyes on the big picture, folks…

Action items:
• Call!! We need a vote on DACA. 45 is trying to trade DACA passage for funding for the Wall. Call your MoC and demand a clean DACA bill.
• Start informing yourselves on candidates for the 2018 midterms. A great source for the who and when is Ballotpedia: https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page
• Find your passion and look for ways to support. Mine is education, natural resources, and marginalized populations. There is an upcoming conference in February in sunny Orlando with the Human Rights Campaign. Check it out here: http://timetothrive.org

Your admins had a great planning meeting Saturday and we are so excited to roll up our sleeves and change the world this year with YOU! ❤️ Please stay tuned here, in the pinned posts, every M-W-F and take action when requested. If at any time, you have ideas for us, please send them to ideas@ forwardactionmichigan.org (just remove the space in the email address).

Thank you for being on our team! We appreciate you! ❤️

Anne, Anne, and Jen❤️

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