Bob Mueller is Coming to Town – Wednesday Admin Post

Good morning, FAM! ❤️

It is Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

As I chatted with the other admins last night, wondering what we should highlight (lowlight?) today, we realized there is SO MUCH horrible shit going on that we didn’t know where to start. We realize that y’all are keeping up with the news, and you don’t need to be hammered over the head again with it. So, here’s some perspective:

* As mentioned in a previous post, things are going to get worse before they get better. As the handcuffs tighten around 45’s neck, he is not going to go quietly. He is doing everything he can to discredit Mueller and the investigation. And congress is letting him. I’m baffled.

But, Mueller is a consummate professional. He can handle this. (“Yeah, but what if they fire him?” We will revolt. That will be a constitutional crisis – direct violation of our checks and balances that the founding fathers put in place to keep one person/party from gaining too much power).

* Nunes Memo – it’s going to get released – despite many groups, including the DOJ trying to keep it confidential. Nunes is 45’s lap dog, and 45 is grinning and clapping like a 2 year old in front of birthday cake. He can’t WAIT to release it. So, prepare for the fallout from that. (There is a lot of confusion over what the hell this “memo” is – here’s some info: Kristen Vandoorn Myers thank you for the link! 😊

* Russian sanctions: the ENTIRE congress, House and Senate, save five, voted to impose additional sanctions on Russia (just like the ones we (didn’t) already impose last summer). 45 said “nope.” So, again, thumbing his nose at the Constitution. Call everyone you can think of to demand enforcement of the sanctions THEY voted on.

*MSU is installing John Engler (!!!) as interim president after Lou Anna K. Simon resigned. Feel free to contact the board of trustees to express how you feel about this. Vested interest or not, MSU is a public, taxpayer-supported university. We are ALL invested.

Do we have any good news out there? Of COURSE we do!! ❤️

Join us next Saturday, February 10 at 4 pm at La Pita for the next Shawarma Law Enforcement meeting at La Pita in Dearborn. Here’s a link to the event: If you missed Zahra Ayoub on Comedy Central last week, here’s the link: We will get through this. Our country will survive. We will emerge more unified and stronger than ever before. We will realize that our process is not perfect and changes need to made to prevent this authoritarian crisis from ever happening again. We will get back on our feet. Take names. Take action. Don’t forget. Move FORWARD.

We love you all. ❤️ Keep working hard!

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

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