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Good morning, FAMsters! Happy Wednesday! ❤️

Par for the course for this administration, there is a veritable shell game going on, in which we can’t focus on just ONE issue at a time, but fifteen or so…

Stay focused. 😊

Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier:

This is some fascinating (and seemingly very incriminating) stuff. Y’all remember the Steele Dossier, right? Of the infamous pee-pee tapes? Beyond that salacious little nugget is a lot more meatier information. Transcripts were released by Senator Feinstein of the interview of Glenn Simpson (of Fusion GPS) and while Simpson speaks to the impeccable character and professionalism of Christopher Steele, the info and connections uncovered is astounding. Steele is an MI6 agent – Britain’s version of our CIA. He seems to have uncovered strong connections to 45 and organized crime and the Kremlin (and organized crime IN the Kremlin!) Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin did a nice job summarizing as she read through the 300+ pages of testimony:

As always, I’m not going to get my hopes up that anything will be done about this, because sadly, we are no longer a just society, but we’ll just add step leading up to 45’s legacy as the worst and most corrupt president in American history.

TPS and the Salvadorans: 45 is withdrawing Temporary Protected Status that has been afforded to Salvadoran refugees following a 2001 earthquake that devastated El Salvador. Think about what these people have done here in the US in the past 16 years – married, established careers and homes, and had (American) children. But protection is ending for 200,000. Some quick stats:

• 192,700 children born in the US

• 88% working (compared to 63% average in the US)

• 25% hold mortgages (


Please consider contacting your MoC to help fight for the Salvadorans and other populations who have been and are protected under the TPS. There should be better paths to citizenship for those former refugees who wish to continue their lives in the US.

Speaking of…there is movement on DACA – I’m hoping in a positive direction. We need to continue to call to protect our Dreamers – put on the pressure. A judge in CA slapped 45 and ruled that DACA should stay in place, but I’m not sure how long that will stand up:

Lots of information today, folks. It’s a weird, wild world these days. Buckle up!

Thank you for all you do! ❤️

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

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