Another Government Shutdown – Friday Admin Post

Happy Friday, FAMily!

Hopefully all of you are safe and warm from this winter storm! Today is a great day to catch up on some past FAM blog posts-check them out here:

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Actions and Info:

1. WE STILL NEED A CLEAN DREAM ACT. Besides being a campaign promise of the current administration, the right thing to do is protect DREAMers and build a path to citizenship. While it was appreciated that Rep. Pelosi held the house floor for 8 hours this week to demand a vote on an immigration bill, our elected officials need to hear from us. We should be making this call every day.


2. This month’s Shawarma Law will be taking place this Saturday at 4:00pm at La Pita in Dearborn. Fresh off their TV debut via The Opposition on Comedy Central, theres never been a better time to submit to Shawarma law!

3. Check out this upcoming Attorney General Candidate forum. Electing a democratic AG is CRUCIAL and being informed matters.

4. This second government shut down was another display of garbage GOP politics. Call Paul Ryan’s office and ask him why he continues to let 45 break campaign promises? Why won’t he hold the line on strong values?

As always, we are proud of have you with us! ❤️


Anne, Anne and Jen

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