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Happy day-before-March! 😊
Today’s edition will be a bit of a hodgepodge – a little something for everyone – some education, some news, and as always, some action items. 😊
Today, the students in Parkland return to school, which means their days will again be filled with academics and homework, and general teenage business. While we need to continue to let our children lead this movement, we need to continue to support and encourage, as well as to pick up where they need us. If you haven’t donated already to their March for Our Lives movement, you can do so here:
Also consider supporting them with your presence. March for Our Lives will be on Saturday, March 24 in Washington, DC. If you are looking for a quick and/or economic trip, there are a number of Rally buses leaving that Friday night and returning Sunday morning (so no hotel stay will be required). Info can be found here:
(Thank you Margaret Alex Kourvo for the info!). 😁
If you cannot make it to DC, please check the March for Our Lives site for a local sister March:
It is worth noting that black students have been calling for gun reform for several years, Please check out their perspective here:
* Y’all have been reading about Dana Loesch making the rounds, as well as comments made by the head of the NRA at CPAC. For all they talk about protecting the second amendment (it’s not going away, nor should it…), and representing “lawful gun owners,” there’s waaaay more going on here, and as usual, it’s all about money.
When looking up membership, there are no definitive numbers for how many “lawful gun owners” are members of the NRA. That’s where there money should be coming from, right? Their “lawful gun owner” members? The people they passionately claim to defend? The organization claims 5M members, but there is literally no way of confirming this. Membership has been leveling off, but their revenue (and thereby more money to influence lawmakers) has been increasing. Hmmmm….curious.
How much money are we talking about floating around out there? Well, hold onto your jaw, lest you need to pick it up from the floor…
CEO Wayne LaPierre makes an average of $1M per year, except for right before election year, 2015, in which he made over $5M (with $3.8M of that coming from “other” sources). Hmmm…
And, related to our heroes in Florida – the top NRA lobbyist in Florida, sweet little 78 year old Marion Hammer pulled in $206,000 in 2016. Not bad for FIVE HOURS of work per week. (Not a typo -FIVE! ). Some reported years she documented one hour of work per week. This is ONE lobbyist. In ONE state. From where is the money coming??
By the way, sweet little Marion literally WRITES the legislation in Florida. The state has established regulations that if any local official tries to veer from the state gun laws, they can be fined hundreds of thousand of dollars and removed from office.
For more enlightened reading on this topic, check out this piece by esteemed blogger, Mercedes Schneider. If you weren’t pissed about the NRA before, this should do it:
* Where the F..K are the sanctions on Russia?? 😡 Call McConnell and his trusty sidekick Ryan and inquire why, once agency after agency has confirmed they have meddled in our elections (and still are!), and thirteen Russian nationals have been indicted, there are NO ACTIONS being taken against Russia and no activity being taken to protect our midterm elections!
* There is a potential bipartisan DREAM act solution in the works. While it appears the courts are setting aside the March 5 deadline 45 pulled out of his ass, we still need a permanent solution for our DREAMers. Put pressure on your MoC for an accessible path to citizenship.
* New Hampshire flipped another state seat to blue yesterday in another special election. That brings the total to THIRTY NINE! Keep it up! 👏👏👏👏👏
Speaking of, Beto O’Rouke and Randy Brice could probably use some help ousting my pals (🤮) Ryan and Cruz…consider donating to their campaigns or signing up with Postcards to Voters:
* Check our our continuing Black History month educational pieces, by our very own Ayla Azar:
* And, sign up for our BLOG!! An easier way to get our info without it getting lost in your fb feed! 😁
Like I said, LOTS of info! I know I missed a lot, but, well, I really need to get ready for work. 😉. And I KNOW y’all are on top of it. I’m loving the info that you are bringing to our page daily – keep it up, FAMily! You’re doing good work! Thank you! ❤️
Have a great Wednesday!
Anne, Anne, and Jen. ❤️
[image: Green army tank with the letters NRA on the side, gun pointed toward young child with backpack, holding up hand and stopping tank.]

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