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Happy Friday (Feb 23)!

Raise your hand if you miss having a REAL president….😢

While the head of the NRA speaks at the CPAC convention and says “socialist!” a thousand times to scare the shit out of conservatives, businesses are beginning to sever ties to the NRA – so far, Bank of Omaha and three car rental companies (Enterprise, Alamo, and National – same parent company). Consider thanking/supporting these companies with your words and/or dollars. An incomplete list of NRA supporters can be found at this link, and will be updated through that site:

* The “let’s put guns in the hands of teachers” idea is a distraction and will not happen. This administration is using the deaths of children to further divide the country. Stay focused on getting 45 and all of his buddies out, and getting our country back in November. ❤️

As mentioned Wednesday, consider supporting the Parkland students’ gofundme to organize marches (leftover will be donated to victims’ funds):

Check out their Facebook page for updates on National and local marches March 24:

RIGHT NOW: double check your voting status, location, etc. make sure everything is in order – even if you haven’t moved recently.

SATURDAY: rescheduled Shawarma Law, La Pita, Dearborn, 6 pm. I’d love to see you there! The food, and especially the company, is fantastic! 😁

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If you are a FAM member, and you are newly running for office, let us know, so we can cheer you on! We are so proud of our candidates!! 💕

Thank you, FAM! ❤️. Keep up the great work! 💕

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