#enough – Wednesday Admin Post

Happy Wednesday, FAMily!

Today we want to dedicate our action post to the brave children walking out of school and standing up to Congress, the president, and the NRA.

We acknowledge the young people who have been brave like this before – from walkouts, sit-ins, protests and marches for Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and Human Rights. We stand on their shoulders and honor them so their sacrifices might not be in vain.

We understand how far we must come to lift all voices, believe all people, and cure all suffering. This takes us looking inside and acknowledging our blinders and privilege. Though uncomfortable, it is necessary.

We thank you all for standing with us. For being willing to learn and to teach even when both are difficult and tiring.

We are proud of our group and look to the future for more bright days ahead. We commit to all of you our resolve and dedication to restoring equity and decency to our country.


Anne, Anne and Jen

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