Text reading "Nevertheless, She Persisted" encircled by vines and flowers

Nevertheless, She Persisted – Friday Admin Post

Hello FAMily!

Welcome to March! For some of us, it still feels like February, Don’t worry though – we’ve got a lot of action items to heat things up!

First off, March is Women’s History Month. This year the theme is “Nevertheless, She Persisted”, which is obviously a fantastic nod to Sen. Warren and ALL WOMEN who persist in the face of racism, abuse, sexism, discrimination, and oppression.


Another note: we are seeing a large uptick in people adding their friends from outside of our state into our group. We are happy to have representation but this usually means people are just blindly adding members. Please confirm with friends before adding them–we need folks who can and will take action daily for the betterment of our world, and we don’t want people to be spammed by stuff from a group they didn’t join.


1. Call Congress and ask them why gun control legislation is being bumped from voting for a banking bill????? Call Mitch McConnell and other Republicans and demand the cries of children in our country that have been loud for years are being silenced to line the pockets of 45s cabinet.

2. CHECK. YOUR. VOTING. STATUS. We’ve seen some huge red to blue flips in the past weeks and November is the time to continue the wave.

Michigan: http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1633-49313–,00.html

Check out Ballotopia for upcoming issues in your districts

Also, FAM is working to coordinate efforts with other organizations to boost voter registration and turnout. Stay Tuned.

3. WE STILL NEED A CLEAN DREAM ACT. It is disgusting that these campaign promises are left unfulfilled. Call congress and demand they provide a bill for vote that protects our brothers and sisters who deserve dignity and respect.

4. Beto O’Rourke and Randy Price are poised to take out Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan respectively. Donate to their campaign if you can. If you can’t share their campaign information/website and ask friends to get involved.



4. Check our our Black History month educational pieces, by our very own Ayla Azar


5. And, sign up for our BLOG!! An easier way to get our info without it getting lost in your fb feed! 😁


As always, we are so proud of have you with us on this journey. Together we will keep changing the world.


Jen, Anne and Anne

[Image: Text reading “Nevertheless, She Persisted” encircled by vines and flowers]

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