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Good morning, FAMily,

I’m sorry to those of you who have a history of sexual assault and this past week (2 weeks? 2 years??) has been difficult. I know I have been struggling quite a bit. Most of us have stories.
I see you.
I believe you. ❤️

Please – let’s call senators and demand that they allow time for the FBI to conduct an investigation into the allegations, as Dr. Ford requested, before rushing into a vote on a lifetime appointment. The entire Kavanaugh circus has been a startling string of lies. The latest defense being thrown around is maybe there WAS a sexual assault, but it was by someone who LOOKED like Kavanaugh – it wasn’t him. THIS in defense of a man who belonged to a frat at Yale who’s motto was “no means yes, and yes means anal.” 😡. The next thing they’re going to say is – if there was alcohol at the party, and Dr. Ford may have been drunk, how does she remember…? 🙄. There are SO many clues pointing to the fact that Kavanaugh is just a scummy individual – why the rush? (We all know the answer to that one).

Among many of the reasons we need to stop Kavanaugh is perjury. If we can’t hold the highest judicial position in the country to follow the basic rules of law, what the hell are we doing??

Call 202-804-8191 and demand a delay on the vote, or just a no vote outright. There is too much going on with this man for him to be considered a viable candidate for Supreme Court Justice. Thanks. ❤️

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