We are a group of people of every gender, every walk of life, from our twenties through our seventies. We are veteran activists and those who performed their first political action after (and as a result of) joining. We are committed to change at every level – city, state, and nation, and both politically and socially.

Virginia Civil Rights MemorialVirginia Civil Rights Memorial

“Forward Action Michigan is a group of like-minded Michigan residents coming together to share stories, cultivate ideas, and take action against oppression, social injustice and discrimination towards all people.”

Our Mission

Forward Action Michigan’s mission is to unify like-minded individuals toward common goals of social and ecological justice, freedom, and security.

Our Vision

Our goal as a group is to see equal and human rights be realized by all people, through the election of forward-thinking advocates and the implementation of inclusive legislation.

Our Values

Our organization is member-driven by design, and our values encompass inclusion, empathy, honesty, action, sensitivity, education and commitment to the protection and betterment of our society.

Quick Stats Of Our Progress

We’re rapidly growing, reaching out, promoting change, and looking for opportunities to make real, effective differences in the lives of people in our state and in our local communities. What started as a small group to share stories and get out the vote has grown exponentially.

over 29,000 members and almost 40 subchapters

Join our state-wide Facebook group, or one of our local chapters, and get involved! We’re busy creating change – will you join us?

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