Monday Admin Post

Good morning, FAMily! ❤️

We are hurtling our way through the month, on this 5th day of February.

I met (as a representative of FAM) with Representative Levin last week, with a few Indivisible members. He would like us to focus on midterms (as is logical) and stressed the importance of getting a Democrat governor in Michigan. Congress is in session two days this week, and two days next week, with a vote on keeping the budget open occurring by Thursday. Another CR is expected.

After last week’s grandstanding and drama, the Nunes memo was rather anti-climactic. But, it may have exposed more unintentional information than Nunes expected. I don’t want to try to break the memo down here – when doing my own research, it’s really tricky to sift through the partisan skews on the information. I would suggest you read the memo for yourself and make your own conclusions, without media bias. The Republicans think it’s a bombshell for their side, the Dems think the same for their side. Big picture, Nunes is promising more “memos” to come, and the players involved are ignorant (maybe not?) to the damage this is doing to our country.

Each weekday this month, in honor of Black History Month, our fabulous moderator Pip is going to writing an entry with regards to African-American history. Please check out her first installment here:

Black History Month: Latasha Harlins

As always, we ask you to stay aware and stay involved. Read. Watch. But more than that, Read and watch WIDELY. Challenge what you are being fed. Read the same story from multiple sources. Watch for emotional appeal in the news – it helps to identify media bias. Look for qualifying words that are intended to influence your opinion. You have beautiful brains (the best, believe me! 😜) – use them to form your own opinions based on FACTS.

Take care, FAM. ❤️. Enjoy today. Thank you for all you do!

Anne, Anne, and Jen. ❤️

Bob Mueller is Coming to Town – Wednesday Admin Post

Good morning, FAM! ❤️

It is Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

As I chatted with the other admins last night, wondering what we should highlight (lowlight?) today, we realized there is SO MUCH horrible shit going on that we didn’t know where to start. We realize that y’all are keeping up with the news, and you don’t need to be hammered over the head again with it. So, here’s some perspective:

* As mentioned in a previous post, things are going to get worse before they get better. As the handcuffs tighten around 45’s neck, he is not going to go quietly. He is doing everything he can to discredit Mueller and the investigation. And congress is letting him. I’m baffled.

But, Mueller is a consummate professional. He can handle this. (“Yeah, but what if they fire him?” We will revolt. That will be a constitutional crisis – direct violation of our checks and balances that the founding fathers put in place to keep one person/party from gaining too much power).

* Nunes Memo – it’s going to get released – despite many groups, including the DOJ trying to keep it confidential. Nunes is 45’s lap dog, and 45 is grinning and clapping like a 2 year old in front of birthday cake. He can’t WAIT to release it. So, prepare for the fallout from that. (There is a lot of confusion over what the hell this “memo” is – here’s some info: Kristen Vandoorn Myers thank you for the link! 😊

* Russian sanctions: the ENTIRE congress, House and Senate, save five, voted to impose additional sanctions on Russia (just like the ones we (didn’t) already impose last summer). 45 said “nope.” So, again, thumbing his nose at the Constitution. Call everyone you can think of to demand enforcement of the sanctions THEY voted on.

*MSU is installing John Engler (!!!) as interim president after Lou Anna K. Simon resigned. Feel free to contact the board of trustees to express how you feel about this. Vested interest or not, MSU is a public, taxpayer-supported university. We are ALL invested.

Do we have any good news out there? Of COURSE we do!! ❤️

Join us next Saturday, February 10 at 4 pm at La Pita for the next Shawarma Law Enforcement meeting at La Pita in Dearborn. Here’s a link to the event: If you missed Zahra Ayoub on Comedy Central last week, here’s the link: We will get through this. Our country will survive. We will emerge more unified and stronger than ever before. We will realize that our process is not perfect and changes need to made to prevent this authoritarian crisis from ever happening again. We will get back on our feet. Take names. Take action. Don’t forget. Move FORWARD.

We love you all. ❤️ Keep working hard!

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

Dream A Little Dream – Monday Admin Post

Good Morning, FAMily!

We are so grateful to have you with us this week–and we’ve got some work to do.

Before we get started, a few quick reminders: When posting to the group, lonely links will be declined. A lonely link is a post that just contains a link, no commentary or background from the poster or reasons why it is being shared. We delete these because they give the page a spammy feel and they are almost unsearchable. Secondly, on that topic, please SEARCH the page before posting. This prevents splintered conversation and keeps the page clean of repeated information. Lastly, check your PMs–moderators will send messages there if your post needs attention or changes. Note that we don’t always send PMs for lonely links or duplicate posts because we get so many. If a post of yours is not approved, it is more than likely in one of those two categories.

Now, onto action!

1. According to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Congress is planning some sort of vote to ban abortion at 20 weeks. We know this is nothing more than a veiled attempted to control women, especially poor women and women of color, from making choices about their own bodies, and sexual health.

We need to call Republican senators and let them know there are more things to be worried about like DREAMers, homeless veterans, and police brutality.

If you like, you can also add your name to the Senator’s petition against the bill.

2. WE MUST DEMAND A CLEAN DREAM ACT. Now the current administration is going back on their word that they originally went back on after promising it during the election season (who else is dizzy?) and is making all kinds of nonsensical demands. This is all just a delay tactic while ICE thugs round up more parents and grandparents and send them back to countries where they would surely meet a terrible fate.

Call the senate switch board and DEMAND a DREAMER bill today. We cannot wait any longer, we’ve already waited too long. Remind Republicans that their president promised a path to citizenship during the election cycle. They can’t be a pro-life party unless they care about all children, not just the unborn ones.

(202) 224-3121

3. As we continue to be shocked at the level of complacency and enabling happening within USA Gymnastic, the US Olympic Committee and Michigan State University–we must know that other organizations out there have these same issues that have yet to be brought to light.

If you are a current college student, an alumni of a college, or anyone in between, call your Alma Mater and ask them what their policy is for handling reports of sexual assault or rape.

Let’s force some of these schools to fix what’s wrong and prevent a Larry Nassar situation before it starts.

Also, if you are a survivor or rape, sexual assault or abuse, and you need resources, please reach out to any of our admins or moderators for a completely confidential conversation. We are here to help!

As always, we are proud of have you with us. Each day brings us closer to realizing freedom, equity and safety for all people.


Anne, Anne, and Jen

We Still Need A Clean Dream Act – Friday Admin Post

Happy Friday, FAMily!

This is our second week of our education series on Social Justice. This week, our awesome moderator Ayla (along with several other awesome contributors) has provided us with an in-depth look at Transgender Individuals and gender education. Thank you, Ayla for helping us grow!

Blog post:


1. FAM is committed to elevating members of marginalized groups. We especially acknowledge women of color whose voices are systematically and repeatedly silenced.

Below is a resource to identify women of color running for office. Donate if you can. If you can’t, share this link (click the link and then hit share). We can elevate these women by making their names, faces and causes known.

2. WE NEED A CLEAN DREAM ACT. Besides being a campaign promise of the current administration, the right thing to do is protect DREAMers and build a path to citizenship. The accident of the location of someone’s birth location doesn’t make them more worthy. Call or senators and demand they create and vote on a bill to protect these folks.

3. Tom Cotton (R-AK) seems to think citizens sharing their thoughts and concerns with him are “harassing” and has sent several cease and desist letters to constituents within his state and beyond who disagree with him. So, let’s let him know FAM is not down with that. Please feel free to reach out to Sen. Cotton using any of the methods below:

(202) 224-2353


Snopes article regarding cease and desist letter:

As always, we’re happy to have you with us this week and always. We will continue to rise up and protect those who need us and become better allies, supporters, and defenders.

Anne, Anne, and Jen

Shutdown Day 3 – Monday Admin Post

Good morning, FAMily!

Today is Monday, January 22, 2018. We are we are 9 1/2 months away from midterm elections. Are we ready to mobilize??

This weekend so many of you participated in marches across the state and country, and millions of people joined you worldwide. We’ve seen lots of pictures – what were your takeaways from this weekend – most impactful or favorite moment? Comment below! 😁

As you know, the government shut down this weekend, after failing to come to an agreement on the budget. My favorite quip from this weekend is Senator Tammy Duckworth referring to 45 as “cadet bone spurs.” 😂. As the senate continues to debate, let our senators know what is important to you – use your voice. We want to see a clean Dream act with clear paths to legal immigration. We want to see our CHIP reauthorized. CHIP actually ends up saving the government money…so WHY we are arguing about this is unconscionable.

Hey, by the way, do you know McConnell, Graham, and Paul actually voted NO on keeping the government open on Friday? And yet, somehow it’s the Dems fault….🙄

Let’s go, FAM! Short list today should make it easy – let’s go!! 💪🏼

Thank you for continuing to do what you do! Love you much! ❤️

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️

Women’s March Weekend – Friday Admin Post

Happy Friday, FAMily!
First and foremost, we wish safety, peace and protection to all those attending the Women’s March this weekend. Remember to allow space for marginalized voices and committed allies to be heard.
In the comments of this post, let’s see some of your signs!
1. Based on recent dialog across the #TimesUp movement as well as within the Women’s March, we are proud to introduce inclusive social justice education. This will be a weekly blog post curated by our own awesome moderator Ayla. If you’d like to learn more about her mission or support the work she does, please contact her directly. Thank you Ayla!
Today’s Blog Post: On The Unity Argument
Please remember that social justice is tough work and it may not always be easy to hear the things we all must learn. Allow yourself space to absorb and show others respect even if you disagree.
1. A government shut down may or may not still be avoided, pushing funding availability to February. But what about the Dreamers? Word is the GOP is wavering on every potential reform for immigration. I wonder why that is?
Call our senators and demand a DREAM act that keeps the promise of this administration.
Gary Peters: 202-224-6221
Debbie Stabenow: 202-224-4822
2. Call every republican senator and ask them why their “pro life” stance doesn’t extend to children already born. CHIP needs to be addressed in the long term. As Anne would say, you know what to do!
3. The senate needs ONE MORE vote to repeal the Net Neutrality Repeal. Even though the GOP administration will likely veto this vote, it still sends a message that We The People don’t want it.
Call any republican senator you can and let them know.
As always, we’re happy to have you with us this week and always.
Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️
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Defend Our Dreamers – Wednesday Admin Post

Good morning, FAM!

It’s Wednesday already! 😁

Did y’all feel/hear/see the meteor last night? It apparently caused a magnitude 2.0 earthquake! Wild!

We are two days away from a government shutdown. My guess is that they will vote on yet another extension. At this point Dreamers need some answers. Right before the holiday recess, Peters and Stabenow voted to extend funding to avoid a shutdown, without a vote on DACA. We need you to let them know that we want a clean Dreamer vote. Give them a call:

Gary Peters: 202-224-6221

Debbie Stabenow: 202-224-4822

In the meantime, most of you heard about the heartbreaking story of Jorge Garcia returning to Mexico after 30 years in the US:

Also needing your attention:

CHIP was extended before the recess, but is still not secure. Extending CHIP benefits actually ends up SAVING the government money ($6B to be exact!). This one is a no-brainer!

You know what to do! ❤️

Net Neutrality is one vote away from being reinstated (if/when it went to vote) – and in the meantime, 21 state AG’s are filing suits to block the repeal.

Talk is, even if it was sent to a vote and passes, 45 will veto and allow the repeal to stand…because, well, Trump. This is something to watch.

Let’s get busy, FAMily! ❤️. Make some calls! 😁

Thank you for your continued hard work and perseverance. ❤️

Anne, Anne, and Jen.❤️

MLK Day 2018 – Monday Admin Post

Silence also comes in the form of silencing others.

Happy Monday, FAMily!

Today we celebrate and most importantly reflect on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we know that our group exists first and foremost to ensure that we are never silent in the face of oppression, injustice or discrimination. For many of us, that requires looking inward at our own problematic behavior and being brave enough to unpack the things we do and the beliefs we have and see how they impact those who we’re here to protect.

Today especially we understand the impact we can have and the necessity of inclusion, advocacy and honesty with ourselves and others.

Consider all the work we’ve done together, and all the work we will still do. Imagine a day when the landscape of equity and equality looks the way we know that it should.

And ask yourself if you’re committed, regardless of level of discomfort, to bringing that world into existence.

As always, we’re grateful to be on this journey with you. We are especially proud and thankful for those who have educated and engaged thoughtfully, bravely and intelligently, despite the pain and confusion.


Anne, Anne and Jen

Reflecting on Pink Pussy Hats: Friday Admin Post

Happy Friday, FAMsters!

As a heads up, this post will be addressing Pussy Hats. Any comments or concerns regarding this should be sent to an admin.

Yesterday a great conversation started about the inclusiveness of the Pussy Hat movement. It takes a lot of courage for someone to challenge the status quo or poke holes in a progressive or liberal, especially in defense of PoC, the LGBTQ+ community, or any community that is under attack.

Unfortunately, well measured, educated and helpful comments explaining the problems with this ideology of the pussy hats were met with dissent, aggression, and dismissive sometimes racist and transphobic comments from some of our members.

To be clear: These types of comments will not be tolerated. If our members who are marginalized and oppressed don’t feel comfortable sharing with the rest of us their concerns, problematic systems, we are doomed to repeat some of our mistakes.

As for the hats: It cannot be ignored that these hats are exclusive to a certain type of woman, and others like women of color and trans women are not represented in the pink pussy hat like white women are. This, for many is hard to hear but is also the truth. When members of our community come to us with a problem that literally hurts them on a personal and systematic level, and we meet them with “get over it” and “knit your own hat”, it means that we don’t value those voices.

With all that being said, below are some very well written, educational articles on this topic that are integral to transcending into intersectionality. It is the only way for us to truly be inclusive and to lift everyone up to where they deserve to be.

Again, we know this may be hard for some of you to hear, but it’s even harder for some among us who experience racism, transphobia and oppression on every end of the spectrum. Read these articles, sit with your uncomfortable feelings, and if after a while you’re still uncomfortable, put out a call for someone to help you work through this stuff you’re feeling.

Thanks, Sarah Butler !

Again, these are meant to educate and provoke thought. Please reach out on the pinned FB thread should you wish to have a thoughtful conversation with someone who understands these topics. We are so lucky to have members who are willing to teach this stuff to us. We are grateful!

Anne, Anne and Jen

Stay Focused – Wednesday Admin Post

Good morning, FAMsters! Happy Wednesday! ❤️

Par for the course for this administration, there is a veritable shell game going on, in which we can’t focus on just ONE issue at a time, but fifteen or so…

Stay focused. 😊

Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier:

This is some fascinating (and seemingly very incriminating) stuff. Y’all remember the Steele Dossier, right? Of the infamous pee-pee tapes? Beyond that salacious little nugget is a lot more meatier information. Transcripts were released by Senator Feinstein of the interview of Glenn Simpson (of Fusion GPS) and while Simpson speaks to the impeccable character and professionalism of Christopher Steele, the info and connections uncovered is astounding. Steele is an MI6 agent – Britain’s version of our CIA. He seems to have uncovered strong connections to 45 and organized crime and the Kremlin (and organized crime IN the Kremlin!) Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin did a nice job summarizing as she read through the 300+ pages of testimony:

As always, I’m not going to get my hopes up that anything will be done about this, because sadly, we are no longer a just society, but we’ll just add step leading up to 45’s legacy as the worst and most corrupt president in American history.

TPS and the Salvadorans: 45 is withdrawing Temporary Protected Status that has been afforded to Salvadoran refugees following a 2001 earthquake that devastated El Salvador. Think about what these people have done here in the US in the past 16 years – married, established careers and homes, and had (American) children. But protection is ending for 200,000. Some quick stats:

• 192,700 children born in the US

• 88% working (compared to 63% average in the US)

• 25% hold mortgages (


Please consider contacting your MoC to help fight for the Salvadorans and other populations who have been and are protected under the TPS. There should be better paths to citizenship for those former refugees who wish to continue their lives in the US.

Speaking of…there is movement on DACA – I’m hoping in a positive direction. We need to continue to call to protect our Dreamers – put on the pressure. A judge in CA slapped 45 and ruled that DACA should stay in place, but I’m not sure how long that will stand up:

Lots of information today, folks. It’s a weird, wild world these days. Buckle up!

Thank you for all you do! ❤️

Anne, Anne, and Jen ❤️