Morning Cup: Frederick, FOIA, Friday

It’s Friday the 3rd of February. We are now two weeks into the new presidential administration. Early this morning, the Senate closed debate on cabinet nominee Betsy DeVos, and she will be up for a vote next Monday or Tuesday. The GOP is sending signals that they will shift their strategy from abolishing the ACA […]

Mother of Exiles

Eight Things You Can Do Right Now to Fight Trump’s Immigration Ban

I know that we are all shocked and have been playing keep up with the break neck pace of the news coming out of Washington this week. Many of us have been ringing our representatives off the hook, marching, protesting, and planning protests. On the facebook page, we have had some wonderful discussions about intersectionality […]

Coffee and Newspaper

Morning Cup: Eyes Up

Good morning. Welcome to Tuesday, 31 January. Taking a moment to nod toward your mugs, say hello, taking a few deep breaths. And then we’re going to look at the suddenly full Senate calendar this morning and the ongoing developments over the immigration executive order. We’re going to remember that deflection is a thing, even […]


Morning Cup – Murmurations

Are you familiar with murmurations? Those haunting, fascinating flocks of starlings moving about in the sky, constantly changing shape and direction, looking something like a cross between synchronized swimmers and Dementors? Scientists are still trying to figure out how the birds are able to coordinate movement like that without crashing into each other. But they […]

Science Protest Sign

Morning Cup – Science!

Whether natural, formal, or social, today let’s give a cheer to science and the scientists who practice it. Especially those scientists who are right now taking a stand for facts, peer review, and transparency. Good morning, FAM. It is Thursday, January 26. Yesterday the new administration announced the EPA would not only have to run […]

Women's March

Now is when We Redefine “Good Citizenship”

When I was seven years old I cast my first presidential ballot in a school election for a candidate of which I would learn later neither of my parents approved. He won in my school, but lost in the “real” vote. I was devastated, but undeterred. I made a promise to myself than as soon […]