Daily Post – 5/5/17 – After the AHCA

Good Morning FAM! This might be the single most important day in FAMs history, as we take specific, unified, direct and unrelenting action TOGETHER against the Representatives who betrayed the American People in yesterday’s Health Care vote. In order to MAXIMIZE our momentum—all actions to take are at the beginning of this post. We need […]

Employee Healthcare Quote

Healthcare Requires Caring

I posted this on my own personal Facebook wall today. I’m reposting here, with some editing, to share with a wider audience. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m scared. I know I’m not alone in this. – Jennifer Today, the House is voting for you to lose: out-of-pocket maximums protection for pre-existing conditions protection from lifetime caps […]


Morning Cup: Compassion

Tuesday, February 14. Yesterday, we learned photographs of top secret matters of international security snapped by members dining near our President at Mar-a-Lago were shared on social media. Early last night, former Goldman-Sachs banker and One West mortgage fiasco leader Steven Mnuchin was voted then sworn in as Treasury Secretary. Late last night we learned […]